The Case Against Whaling: Whale Feces

With the International Whaling Commission considering legalizing whaling with quotas, Australian scientists have found more reason than before not to – the positive effect of whales against the impetus of global warming.

Green Silence

The Green Silence – an alternative option to running shoes.

Solar Razor

A solar powered razor for people on the go.

Solio Mono-i Solar Charger

As we’re entering Spring, even in Seattle, we ought to start seeing a bit more sun. And nothing would show our gratitude for the change in weather than for us to actually harvest it’s potential with a solar charger. Sold in a variety of makes and models, these little gadgets collect energy from the sun for your personal appliances. Be …

An Alternative to Lead-based Solder

Anybody with a rudimentary understanding of electronics, especially the person that habitually tinkers with and “fixes” the various appliances at home will know how regularly solder is used and needed, even more so for those in the industry. Up till just recently though, solder wasn’t exactly a milestone of technological achievement. Rather, the basic premise behind solder has remained unchanged; …

It’s Time to go Green

That sounds corny, right? It gets worse though. I almost said that as a response to somebody at a bus stop asking me if I had the time. It wasn’t without reason though, and it’s not as if absurd environmental phrases are constantly running through my head. The real reason is that I have a fairly decent-sized assortment of watches …

Energy Efficient Windows

Winter: tis the season to be jolly. Christmas and Valentine’s day have already come to pass, but the season hasn’t lost all of it’s festivities for those of us enjoying the Winter Olympics. Some time during the beginning of each month though, in spite of how joyful the season may be, you’re bound to get an envelope in the mail …