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I’ve recently come across the coolest little gadget for men, and perhaps even for women. It may be old news but it’s worth being brought up again: the Sol Shaver and other solar razors like it. These electric razors are solar powered, something I didn’t actually ever expect to see on the production line because most people only use their razors behind closed doors, in bathrooms, in the morning.

Sol Shaver

But for those of us with busy schedules, constantly moving around, often traveling, this device is simply perfect. If you go camping, you can’t really say no to bringing one of these along. Likewise, spring break is coming along quite soon and many of us will be taking a long road trip ending up on a beach somewhere (plenty of sun). Wouldn’t this be the handiest thing to have?

On many roadtrips, I’ve found myself sleeping in the back of a car for a night or two as opposed to a cheap hotel and the only access I get to a bathroom is those foul-odoured public washrooms. And unfortunately (well, fortunately actually) the amount of water that comes through the faucets at these places is really minimal so they don’t offer much in the way of a place to shave. That makes an electric razor vital, and what better electric razor than one powered by a constant source of energy?
[ad name=”Go-MM-LgSquare”] Unfortunately, the applications are limited so this type of product seems to have become harder to find at any reasonable price and you ought to get yours while you can. Here’s some options:

Sol Shaver pictured above.

Another option, albeit more costly.

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