Green Chic Resources

We here at The Chic Ecologist have compiled a list of green chic companies, websites and artists who are green minded, sustainable and exhibit good design, or are just a part of the green community. Each one has been inspected personally by The Chic Ecologist and has found to encompass our values, earned our respect, or we just think they are cool.

Green Chic Community

Green Blogs

  • Max Gladwell :: A brilliantly written social media and green living blog.
  • TreeHugger :: One of the biggest and best run green blogs out there – information overload!
  • Planet PinknGreen :: An Online lifestyle magazine dedicated to the Cultural Creative Movement
  • Twilight Earth :: Different perspectives on the latest in green news
  • Sierra Club’s Green Life Blog :: A blog on relevant green living issues from the Sierra Club

Green Information Resources

  • Efficient Green Power :: A great resource for alternative renewable energy types
  • TerraCycle :: A great resource for recycling anything and everything, from toothpaste tubes to crayons, you’ll find it here.
  • Green Blogs :: A catalog of green blogs for that specific niche.
  • Blog Catalog :: A catalog of selected blogs of all types.
  • EcoStreet Directory :: An eco friendly directory.

Eco Chic Design

  • CoolHunting :: A blog with great design sense, not everything is green, but its pretty cool.
  • Ecolect :: Green materials for design and manufacturing – a great resource for sustainable materials.
  • Make Luxury Count :: A blog featuring luxury brands with brand philanthropy.
  • Green By Design :: Fashion and design ideas and products.

Sustainable Shopping

  • Finisterre :: Sustainable and Eco-friendly surf and outdoor clothing (United Kingdom).
  • Green Loop :: Eco friendly designer clothing and accessories
  • Branch Home :: Sustainable design for living – great eco friendly products with functional design.
  • Miki :: Great Sustainable clothing and accessories for those across the pond (United Kingdom).
  • Opie and Dixie :: A resource for all-natural pet products and information.

Non Profits and Charitable Organizations

Good Friends

  • Nik Papic :: An SEO wizard, the best I know.

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