Solio Mono-i Solar Charger

As we’re entering Spring, even in Seattle, we ought to start seeing a bit more sun. And nothing would show our gratitude for the change in weather than for us to actually harvest it’s potential with a solar charger.

Sold in a variety of makes and models, these little gadgets collect energy from the sun for your personal appliances. Be it a laptop, an I-Pod, or a cell phone, you can easily find a solar charger out there to match your needs, even essentially universal ones with a multitude of different plugs. One that’s caught my attention recently is the Solio Mono-i. The company boasts it’s compatibility with 3,200 devices, and also lists the other features typically found on a variety of such chargers.

What makes the Mono-i stand out though isn’t just the reduction in one’s carbon-footprint that it’s bound to bring, or the convenience of having a back-up supply of energy that’s actually reusable, but the company’s commitment to donate to the relief effort in Haiti for every Mono-i that gets purchased. So if you’re going to be buying one soon, it only makes sense to buy one that will have not just a hopeful long-term positive effect, but also a short-term one in terms of emergency relief for people in need.
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  1. I’ve been using the solio charger for a long time now and i must say it’s been a great product so far. Able to withstand harsh environments and even on top of the mountains it works really good which makes this the best choice for a travel companion to keep all your important stuff charged.

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  3. Solar charges take energy from the sunlight and convert it into electricity. This system is very good for the future.
    I am traveling a lot and for that reason i have purchased a portable solar charger. It helped me a lot to charge my gadgets anytime anywhere.

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