Island Dream Job – Australia’s Tourism Queensland is Looking for A Great Barrier Reef Caretaker

great barrier reef australiaI just found my dream job. Unfortunately for me, so did everybody else! Australia’s Tourism Queensland just came up with an ingenious marketing idea to increase interest in traveling to Australia. Send one lucky individual to experience the wonders of one of the largest tourist draws of Australia (The Great Barrier Reef in case you are wondering), and have them report back on their daily adventures via the web through blogs, video and interviews. Marvelous! I can only imagine how many people would want to follow this, although the sheer jealousy I may feel for the individual may drive me crazy thus rendering me unable to follow along. Before you ask, yes, i do intend on submitting an application, so hopefully it will be me doing the reporting!

The job description of this Hamilton Island caretaker include a six figure salary, luxury accommodations, transport on the island, travel insurance, computer and camera gear and travel to other Great Barrier Reef islands. In return you must provide weekly reports on exploration findings via various media outlets, clean the villa pool, feed the aquarium fish, occasionally act as an aerial mail carrier, and first and foremost, explore.

If you are interested too, click on over to and you too can experience what an overloaded server looks like (I have yet to actually see the page, or submit an application for that matter). In addition to the application, they are also asking for a 60-second video explanation of why you’d be great for the job. I have heard that while technically there are no experience requirements, they are looking for someone who is a strong swimmer and has good communication skills.

Applications close on February 22, 2009, and rumor is there will be 11 semi finalists selected in May to compete for the spot. Good Luck!

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