Eco Game of High Low – Green-ish Turntable Record Players for all you Vinyl Lovers

I am starting a little game of High/Low which will bring both the “high-end” expensive items with more reasonably priced counterparts for the rest of us. I’m going to start this game off with something a little old school- turntable record players.

Eco Chic High

The “High” comes to us from German-based company Montegiro, and is quite beautifully built with a very clean design.  This bamboo and steel Legno turntable promises chic style and a functional design with a stable steel chassis and resonance vibration dampening bamboo. The price reflects the overall design and build quality more than the audiophillic sound it produces, although, I am sure it is probably one of the best sounding turntables out there. Priced in at $13,240 – you can pick one up through Koetsu.

What makes it Green?
This one may be a bit of a stretch, but it is made from renewable bamboo and paired with recyclable steel.

[via dvice]

Eco Friendly Low

The “Low” is simple- buy used! There are thousands of these out there for sale. By purchasing a used record player, not only are you keeping one more out of a landfill, you are also not using the resources to build a brand new one. You can even find wind up players to be even more green! Cost – anywhere from free on up. Check places like,, pawn shops and ebay for a turntable that suits your needs.

What makes it Green?
Its a reuse!

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