Logitech’s Solar Keyboard

It may have been out for a while and it may have been Logitech’s first attempt at a solar-powered keyboard, but the Logitech K750 is definitely still kicking considering the rave reviews it’s received. As it generates power from light sources, just about any office-like accommodation will ensure that your keyboard is always powered.

Opening a curtain wouldn’t hurt, but it isn’t even necessary as that excess energy from the lights you keep on, irrespective of whether you need them or not, will now go towards powering a component of your PC. What makes it really popular though, aside from the fact that it can perform for three months after reaching full solar capacity (overkill), is the fact that the company made sure to include a host of other features that have appeal beyond just the environmentally-motivated techies.

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For starters, the key design is user-friendly. Concave keys make it particularly comfortable, even natural, to type out those 1,000 page essays or even longer work reports. Further, it’s an extremely light-weight, thin keyboard. You’ll have an experience similar to that of many Mac keyboards and higher end keyboards aimed at the PC market. This doesn’t just make it look cool, it means you can fit it on just about any keyboard surface without a hitch and that you don’t have to strain your wrists to actually reach the keys. But what if you don’t want to set it on a keyboard surface? It also happens to be wireless. If you have a media center hooked up to, say your TV, than you can set this keyboard on your lap (yes, think Laptop) and find everything you need from the comfort of a couch. The light-weight comes in handy considering this possibility as well.

Let’s say you’re a bit scared of purchasing something of this nature though. You remember the solar calculators you played with (possibly as a kid), which in spite of being energy efficient, weren’t particularly durable. If you buy the K750 new, you can have it warrantied. But if you make sure not to treat it like a football, and perhaps even keep it clean (it ships with cleaning cloths to that end), than you don’t have too much to worry about. And though Logitech did release a higher-end K800 model keyboard (which isn’t solar-powered), this one is definitely more sleek in design and a little bit cheaper as well. All said and done, I just hope that Logitech will eventually release a more ergonomic model as I’ll be the first one in line to pick that up.

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