Clean Light Design – HONO Electric LED Flickering Candle

Looking for something to light up your holidays with all the charm of a chic candle, without the risk of fire? These beautifully crafted flickering HONO Electric LED candles designed by Japanese designer Chiaki Murata will warm up your room, centerpiece or tree. Since they are LED, they use very little power and are incredibly efficient. Sleek and clean, these are unlike most LED candles i have seen- allowing you to match your home interior without cheapening it.

In order to enhance the experience, these candles come with a ‘match’ to light the candle with, and you even blow them out to turn them off. While this may seem gimmicky, it allows for a cleaner design, with no buttons or switches. The candle holds an internal battery which is charged on its base making it competely portable.

Good design isn’t cheap however, these electric candles start at $158 each.

[via dwell]

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