Beach Trash to Ocean Animals – Plastic Bag Sculptures and Jewelry

Floral Necklace, 2008 - made from discarded plastic bags

Floral Necklace, 2008 - made from discarded plastic bags

These really captured my marine biologist heart when i saw them- sea creatures

Helle Jorgensen is the artist behind these wonderful designs. Taking hints from nature and the underwater world, its almost as if she crochets the memory of the plastic, weary from their travels across the ocean. Im amazed at the variety of colors and types of plastics she finds on the beaches- although i shouldn’t be. Anyone who has participated in any kind of coastal cleanup would know the copious amount of trash that wash up on our beaches everyday.

For those not of the recycled/repurposed plastic bag persuasion, she also creates unique jewelry and fashionable items out of reclaimed wool (blankets, scraps, etc.). These fabulous works of art are available for sale, although most pictured on this feature have already been sold.

Barnacle Garden, 2008 - made from discarded plastic bagsGorgonia, 2008 - made of discarded plastic bags

Barnacles Garden and Gorgonia - Made from discarded plastic bags

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