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Just in time for the holidays, a selection of delicious chocolate truffles for holiday deserts and gifts. I have had just about every flavor offered, and all i can say is WOW. I can guarantee you have never had truffles like these before. They are created in the old French tradition with a light bittersweet cocoa dusting and melt in your mouth immediately forming the complex flavors transporting you to exotic locations.

Intrigue Chocolates emphasize the freshness of ingredients without added preservatives and are always natural and organic whenever possible. Some of the most intriguing truffles are only available seasonally, when produce can be found at local farmers’ markets.

French chocolate truffles – the original – are free of the distraction of the hard shell. Lightly dusted with a premium cocoa powder, the whole morsel fits perfectly into your mouth. The rich flavors unfold as the truffle melts, revealing the natural complexities of the chocolate

Aaron produces alluring exotic flavors such as Chipotle, Peppercorn, Saint Basil and Awesome Assam along with the more traditional Orchid (Vanilla), Sweet Raspberry, and Fresh Mint. My favorites happen to be the Jamaican HOT chocolate (made with habaƱero peppers and nutmeg with hits of rum), Lady Lavender, Tuaca (Italian brandy flavored with vanilla and citrus), and Vrai Chai (with true chai spices), although i have yet to sample one i haven’t enjoyed. These truffles should be kept cool and eaten fresh, while the flavors and textures are at their peaks.

They make great gifts and party favors for weddings and baby showers, and pair extremely well with different wines. Bring an assortment to your family get together this holiday and you will be sure to be a favorite. I myself like to keep a few in the fridge for myself or as quick thank you gifts. Check out all the different flavors they have to offer, and order some for the holidays before its too late!

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