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Recycled Delta Airlines seatcoverWe have profiled several companies making bags from recycled materials here. You have bags from recycled juice boxes, recycled firehoses, and recycled bags, but here is a new twist I didn’t see coming- bags made from recycled (or repurposed) airline seat covers.
Its crazy to think of all the things that eventually get thrown away, and believe me, airline seat covers were not on my radar. So far, Delta has donated 5,873 pounds of fabric from an estimated 20,000 aircraft seat covers to Tierra Ideas for their varied bag creations. Incorporating recycled bicycle and tractor innertubes and an auto seat belt as the shoulder strap, these bags are truly an upcycled/recycled creation.

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Tierra Ideas Recycled BagIt is great to see all of these bags made from recycled and repurposed materials, however, it seems like they are all fashioned into the same bag styles. This could be due to the material restrictions, waste, and the like, but I would love to start seeing gym duffelbags, backpacks, and maybe even travel bags and airline luggage.
Messenger bags and laptop bags are cool, but I personally don’t use them nearly as much as my backpack and duffel bag. In any case, these quality constructed bags really are high-flying.

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