Volta Free Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

free ev chargingLeave it to the land of Teslas and Leafs to come up with a free charging network provided by advertisers. Volta has combined classic start-up innovation with electric vehicles to provide a free EV charging service.

Owning an electric car just gets better and better. With rebates at purchase, reduced maintenance costs, and miles costing pennies compared to traditional gasoline, the reasons for going electric are growing. Now you can recharge while shopping at the mall, grabbing a bite to eat, or at the movies, for free!

What’s the catch?
There is no catch. Our advertisers pay for the power it takes to charge any electric vehicle that uses a Volta station. We don’t require registration, a credit card number, or any kind of validation from our station hosts. At Volta, free means free.

Not only that, they are helping non-profits and communities where their kiosks are located. Having provided over $25,000 in free advertising space to organizations such as HUGS and Blue Planet, Awareness Powered by Volta gives a voice to others doing good.

With locations all over Hawaii, Arizona, and California, their free app or website can direct you to the nearest free charge.

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