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I get quite a few emails a day from green companies and individuals recommending their favorite products and sites, however, I just don’t have the time write feature articles on all of them. With so much great stuff to share, I figured I would just type up a quick summary of each so everybody can still benefit.

green things Cleveland ohioPositively Cleveland
Cleveland, Ohio has taken great strides to help turn this lakefront town into one of the nation’s greenest cities, from the environmentally friendly hotels to a number of restaurants who exclusively cook with locally-grown food. To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Cuyohoga River fire, Positively Cleveland has compiled a list of the 75 “green” things to love about Cleveland.

Forty years ago the Cuyahoga River caught on fire due to heavy pollution, but Cleveland has since turned this unfortunate incident into an opportunity by striving to make itself one of the nation’s greenest cities. After decades of hard work, Cleveland has grown to become a “green city on a blue lake.”


Gobble Green Vegan Food
Gobble Green is an online marketplace where you will find a diverse and frequently updated selection of healthy, pre-packaged vegan meals. Our food kits are packaged in environmentally friendly containers and shipped directly to your home.

Gobble Green is all about the protection of our environment, animal rights, and healthy eating. Gobble Green is right for anyone who is interested in leading a humane and environmentally responsible lifestyle. We are very proud of our menu and our message.


Buy Green
A great new green shopping resource, Buy Green even has its own green standards for the products it carries.

You will find eco friendly clothing, including bamboo clothing, green home environmental products including natural organic products and solar powered lights, just to name a few. Commercial buyers also have a wide selection of products from environmentally friendly bags for retailers to recycled paper products.


eco shopping

Green Culture
An online store carrying all types of housewares from home furniture to water collection barrels and gardening items, Green Culture has a lot of main-stream green alternatives.

The primary goal of is to introduce the mainstream marketplace to a wide array of high quality goods made from recycled materials, ecologically harvested timber, and other earth friendly ingredients.

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