Human Limits – What Can Your Body Take?

While perusing a recent issue of National Geographic Magazine, I found an interesting piece on the limits of human survival that I thought I would share. Goes to show that your body can take a lot more than you think it can when its pushing its limits of survival.

    die of heatstroke

  • 107.6 degrees F – Die from Heatstroke
    Once your core body temp reaches 107.6 degrees, heatstroke becomes irreversible and fatal.
  • 40 degrees F – Die of Hypothermia
    After 30 minutes in 40 degree water, you will perish of hypothermia. Since water can pull heat from your body more effectively than air, the higher you can float or the more of your body you are able to get out of the water, the longer you will last.
  • 300 degrees F – Die from Overheating
    Heat from an enclosed fire or deep mine can begin to bake your body. In only 10 minutes, you will be meat loaf. Kids succumb much faster and in lower heat, just a few minutes inside a 120 degree car will prove fatal.
  • 15,000 feet – Die from Altitude
    Fading consciousness will occur at elevations higher than 15,000 feet unless acclimated. Raised red blood cell counts and enlarged lungs common to highland dwellers ensure their survival in deep dive drownthese harsh altitudes.
  • 282 feet – Die by Drowning
    The record for the deepest freedive is 282 feet. Without special equipment, most people will black out at depths deeper than 60 feet, however with training it may be possible to go deeper.
  • 11 minutes – Die from Lack of Oxygen
    Without oxygen, you will loose consciousness after about 2 minutes. With training, some individuals have reached 11 minutes.
  • 45 days or 30% – Die of Starvation
    Without food, you can last about 45 days before you will loose approximately 30% of your body weight and die. With this rapid weight loss, you are more likely to succumb to disease before starvation.

  • die of dehydration

  • 7 days – Die from Dehydration
    Your body doesn’t do very well without water, and after 7 days, dehydration will dry you up. To survive, you must hydrate to replenish the loss of a quart or more of water daily.
  • 40% – Die from Blood Loss
    After loosing 40% of your blood, an immediate transfusion is required otherwise death is imminent.

Now that you know, test your friends knowledge with National Geographics online test. Limits are based on an average male of approximately 150 lbs.

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