Green Giving – 2009 Green Choice Awards

Folks are drawn to Yelp for a lot of reasons — they had a bad meal, they know a great coffee shop, or they just have always wanted to be a critic of something and get noticed for it. Well there’s a way to take your chic tastes and apply them to the world of good environmental deeds!

Now you can give your green two cents and look good doing it. A site called GreatNonprofits today launched their 2009 Green Choice Awards — a contest to identify the best – and not-so-best — environmental and green nonprofits groups. The site itself is a nonprofit, and seeks to add a much-need layer of transparency and accountability to the world of nonprofits and do-gooders. The Green Choice Awards will reward you for submitting your reviews (as many as you’d like) with the chance to win a stay at the very-chic Joie de Vivre hotel in tres cool San Francisco, gift certificates from Whole Foods, and more! Most importantly, however, is that the actual groups doing the grunt work for Mother Earth will be rewarded by winning visibility and, perhaps, the contest itself!

We think anything that adds a layer of sunshine to the world is a good thing (not to mention good lighting!). So check out their contest at and get your reviews in soon! You can also sign up to follow the organization on Twitter at @GreatNonprofits.

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