Holiday Shopping and Giving

It is that time of year again! Holiday shopping and gift giving in a rush, but The Chic Ecologist is here to help! Whether searching for that perfect eco experience, trying to lower your impact on the environment this year, or finding unique green gifts for that special someone, I have the list for you!

Holiday Shopping Guide

Shopping GreenLooking to give a great gift this holiday season, but want to keep your impact on the environment low? Try incorporating the 3-R’s, reduce-reuse-recycle into your green holiday shopping plans. Reduce quantity and focus on quality. Reuse shopping bags and check out your local thrift store for a gift. Recycle your old gifts and purchase with the end in mind.

green gift givingA unique gift for a unique individual may be more your speed. Try a greener spin on some traditional holiday favorites such as: beeswax candles, fair-trade or local organic chocolate, gifts made from recycled glass, or an eco walking experience from Inn To End. Take it that extra step and consider the source as well as the end product.

Charitable Giving Resources

green givingThere are many options when it comes to charities, and not all are created equal. Do your homework before donating (using these tips), to find out where (and how much of your money) is going to the cause you support. Charities can allocate up to 95% of your funds to ‘operations’ with less than 5% going to the actual cause, so it is important to ask. My favorites include: The Nature Conservancy, Environmental Defense Fund, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and UNICEF.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
-The Chic Ecologist


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