Green MBA Programs

Green MBA ProgramsWhen looking into MBA programs, you may soon discover a new type of emphasis or concentration- the green MBA. Also dubbed the sustainable MBA, these MBA programs aren’t just for environmentalists. Colleges offering green MBA programs are changing business through their business degrees. There are even classes being offered through online colleges. The MBA or Master of Business Administration, has long been held as THE degree to obtain for a career in business. Whether looking to start your own business or becoming CEO of a corporation, an MBA is almost a pre-requisite to membership into this club.

So what does a Green MBA have to do with this? These programs offer to teach the tools of a sustainable business. Sustainability in this case refers to more than just the environment, but also to social and ethical behavior, something long ignored by the traditional MBA. It wasn’t long ago that less than a third of the top U.S. business schools addressed or associated any kind of social or environmental concerns to business, but this is rapidly changing. Being green and eco-friendly is becoming more important for a companies image and industry polluters are being marginalized. This is now a reality of doing business in a environmentally and socially conscious age.

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The Sustainable MBA addresses manufacturing efficiencies such as reducing packaging to save on costs and help the environment. They now encompass the whole picture in the costs of doing business, not just the bottom line. Human and environmental costs are a part of doing business, especially in a global world, it is the Green MBA programs which will address this.

Hopefully soon enough, there will no longer be a need to specify sustainability or green MBA, but rather they will be incorporated into all MBA programs. Until then, these business degrees will offer an edge over the competition in this increasingly eco-minded world.

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