Farm To Table – Taking Food Local

Farm to Fork RestaurantYou may be hearing a lot about an emerging trend in food sourcing at local restaurants called Farm to Table or Farm to Fork. This takes local and usually organic food to a whole new level with a menu prepared from the restaurants own local garden or a nearby partner farm.

Rooted in the local food movement, farm to table eliminates much of the transportation, storage and utilizes smaller local farms rather than large scale factory farms.

This means fresher, riper produce is used to maximize flavor and nutrient retention, however it is prepared. Often the chef is present to select, and in some cases, hand-pick the fruits, vegetables and herbs for the days meals.

As much a community-building activity as a way to create meals, it links farmers directly to restaurants and dining patrons for a full-circle experience. It also serves to address concerns over genetically engineered crops (GMO) by restaurants and diners alike by establishing a direct relationship with local farms.

Local FarmingMaking inroads in places like Washington, Oregon, Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area, the Farm to Table movement is spreading far and wide, and is probably near you! Try asking around at your local farmers market to see if your favorite local farms are partnering with any restaurants in the area, or just do a search in your region. Many farms host their own meals as a special occasion featuring a local favorite chef. See what options for Farm to Fork dining your area may have.

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