Slim Chips Are Not The Answer

Today as I was hanging out with my boyfriend goes “Remember when eating paper was okay, because you were a kid, and you also ate paste?” (Hmm… No honey, actually I don’t.) “I found flavored paper chips online today”. What? Yes, that’s right: paper, as food. And I’m not talking about the “McDonalds is made out of paper” scenario. The intent of this item is really to market paper, to be eaten, as paper. It’s a little different from the Sunchips biodegradable bag approach.

Brought to you by HAF®slim paper chips, of Hafsteinn Juliusson, comes Slim Chips. Hafsteinn Juliusson is most well known for their growing jewelry, which features rings and necklaces with live moss as the focal point. I’ll admit that I love the rings. They’re the right blend of nature and fashion for me. However, the chips, I just can’t get behind.

Peppermint, Blueberry, and Sweet Potato. I’m not really sure who decided on the three flavors they would develop, but those are them, The flavors, at least, are organic. According to their website, Slim Chips contain no calories, and “instead of getting fat you can now eat paper with different flavors”.  I have to say I really think this is not a habit we want to cultivate in our children, or anyone for that matter. Typically paper is made from a combination of chemicals and pulp. By eating paper, we’re ingesting a bunch of chemicals that have a) not been evaluated by the FDA and more importantly b) are hazardous to your health. You can find a list of most of the chemicals found in paper making, and they aren’t pretty.

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Another problem I have with this calorie free snack is the “instead of getting fat” tagline found on the outside of the bag. In an age where as many as 1 in 4 adults is considered obese, Slim Chips seem like a fun, calorie free snack food. But that’s really not the answer. There are a lot of calorie free and low calorie items out there. It’s not a lack of low calorie options that is making people fat. On the contrary, poor dietary choices and a lack of exercise are what are making us fat).  If we put half as much time into really dealing with our weight issue as we do looking for miracle cures for fat, we’d probably all be a lot healthier and thinner. I see Slim Chips in many ways at odds with the overall themes and values represented in Hafsteinn’s other work.

All that being said, Slim Chips will probably never end up as more than a novelty you find at a shop in the mall. I don’t really picture these popping up in your neighborhood supermarket. As a novelty, Hafsteinn has done well to keep these fun and healthy and a good addition to your next quirky party.

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