Renewable Cork Barware Set for the Eco Chic Drink Bartender

kim seybert cork bar set

Given my recent articles on all things cork and organic spirits for green cocktails, it seems only fitting to feature a cork bar set to bridge the two. A fully cork wrapped mixer, ice bucket, wine cooler, serving tray and bartender utensils and accessories such as a strainer, jigger, zester and bottle opener are included in this kit. Not only is it a great renewable resource, but it has excellent insulating properties making it perfect for working with chilled cocktails and drinks! Keep your mixed drinks cold, and your hands warm while preparing some organic martinis. The set is by designer Kim Seybert, and is also featured in several other (less green) variations. It appears these are all priced individually, and with the shaker costing $100, the entire set will probably set you back about $500 I would imagine.

Also available in her collection are some pretty cool and unique honey cut wood bead placemats. Similarly, wood is also a great insulator!

[via re-nest]

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