Local Organic Produce Delivery CSA Box

local organic produce delivery

In an ever expanding world of home delivery, produce is making a comeback. It is a common occurrence here in the San Francisco Bay Area to see Amazon Fresh and Safeway delivery trucks. On top of that, there are many organic and local produce delivery services popping up in urban areas (see a previous review of SPUD delivery service), but which to choose?

I happen to prefer the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) delivery programs of local organic farms, and signed up with Greenhearts Family Farm due to several factors including:

    Local Produce
    All sourced farms are within the Bay Area, generally no further than 100 miles from my house, with most coming from Greenhearts own fields in Half Moon Bay. Cutting down on transport not only saves resources and reduces environmental impact, it also means fresher and more flavorful fruits and vegetables.

    Sustainable Practices
    There is very little waste associated with the delivery service. Packaging is minimal, and biodegradable or recyclable when present. Delivered in a reusable waxed cardboard box, the produce is straight from the fields, usually only wrapped with a rubber band.

    Organic Agriculture
    We’ve covered the benefits of organic produce before here on TCE, but to recap, it is more than just healthier produce, it is also about environmental practices. Organic labeling requires restrictions on pesticides, GMO, fertilizers and land use keep producers honest and lowers environmental impacts.

    Customer Service
    Greenhearts establish a mutually beneficial partnership with you, which comes with certain duties. You deal directly with Paul and Aurora, which means personal service from the producers themselves. While this can mean slower response times, it also means that the issue will get solved with complete satisfaction.

Greenheart CSA boxI have been a ‘partner’ with Greenhearts for over a month now and have been more than satisfied (ecstatic really) with the produce and overall experience. The berries in my last delivery were the most flavorful I have ever tasted, the greens were so crisp and peppery, I didn’t even want dressing on my salads.

It also adds some excitement to my week of cooking. New and uncommon in-season vegetables are fun to experiment with and substitute into recipes. The freshness and flavors from the local in-season produce are noticeable and make a world of difference, transforming the ordinary into something amazing.

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