Rock Star Recycle – Guitar String Bracelets for Charity

recycled guitar stringsA great reader recommendation from Lauren, has come up with a great way to donate to charitable organizations, recycle, and give music fans a real keepsake.

Each guitar string bracelet is handcrafted from recycled fine silver and used guitar strings from your favorite artist. The bracelets can be ordered as slip-over bangles, or you can have a custom clasp added for a more snug fit. The guitar bracelets are packaged in recycled DVD cases with certificates of authenticity so you can prove that they are from the artist of your choosing. It appears that they are adding new artists all the time, so there is a good chance your faves are already listed.

Just browsing the list, I could find several of my favorite artists including Jack Johnson, G Love, and more at fairly reasonable prices, starting at around $75 for the basic bangle. Prices can increase dramatically with some of the ‘mods’ such as clasps, engraving, gold, diamond and gem additions. Some of my favorite charities recipients as well withThe Nature Conservancy, UNICEF, and 1 percent for the planet among the chosen, however it would be nice to know exactly how much is actually going to the charity.

*post-edit: I am very happy to report that I just learned 100% of profits go to charity. Now I really feel great about this company. How cool is that!

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  2. Hello!
    we are a french association who recycle all guitars and bass strings. In 60 years we won’t be able to find more Nickel…so we have to change our behaviour now!
    All the money earned is dedicated to solidarity action in health, sustainable developpment…
    Please come on and visit our web site (in french for the moment)!

    You can also find us on Facebook!
    Thanks to everyone

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