Recycled Fire Hose Gear

eako recycled fire hoseIt’s amazing how many things we use out there that just get thrown away. Good thing there are creative and resourceful individuals who are willing to try to make products out of recycling just about anything.

Recycled sails and recycled inner tube bags are the hot ones right now, but I just found another unique niche, fire hoses.

Elvis & Kresse Organisation (EaKo) has created a great line of products from handbags and belts to wallets and even a table set (recycled fire-hose placemats and coasters.) What is truly unique about their products is the time and effort that went in to make these truly sustainable and 100% recycled items. They even donate 50% of profits from the fire-hose line products to the Fire Fighters Charity.

recycled fire hose toteWhile the majority of the product is fashioned from de-commissioned fire brigade hoses, the linings are made from either scrap sail cloth or reclaimed office furniture textiles, the labels from used Air Traffic Control Flight Strips, even the string is reclaimed from strands of jute from old coffee sacks. To top it off, all of EaKo’s packaging is reclaimed and remade locally. A truly sustainable business with sustainable practices.

fire hose messenger bagFor more great recycled fire hose products, check out Feuerear’s casual line of messenger bags, computer bags, totes and belts. They have grown since the original publishing of this article and have their own website dedicated to recycled fire hose gear at

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    I recently ordered the Elvis & Kresse wash bag, and was very impressed by the construction and material quality. The stitching is very well done resulting in a sturdy build and a clean look. It has a vintage feel due to the recycled materials, yet still feels new. Highly recommended!

  2. The third picture does not show an EaKo bag. It is a bag made by German brand Feuerwear ( They make bags from recycled firehose since 2005. Elvis & Kresse has been founded in 2007 – seems that they copied the Feuerwear concept…

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