Pivot Boutique – Eco Smart Fashion in Chicago

A striking example of eco smart fashion, Pivot Boutique is a perfect balance of selection and great design- you will always find at least one ‘gotta have it’ item. Featuring dresses, sweaters, coats, mens clothing, and accessories (including Simply Wooden Rings), you can shop for and entire outfit, or just that pivotal piece.

Pivot Boutique was opened in the West Loop of Chicago in September of 2007 and is devoted solely to eco-fashion. Jessa Brinkmeyer (the founder and owner of Pivot) tells me that she opened Pivot “…so that people could see all that eco-fashion has to offer and to realize they don’t need to sacrifice anything in terms of style, fashion, personal taste or comfort to have a more conscious wardrobe.” Given the beautiful, stylish garments by over 50 designers with some eco friendly fabrics and materials you have heard of like bamboo, organic cotton, hemp; and some you may have not, such as lenpur, baby alpaca, and lyocel; every garment is special and unique. Sustainable by the clothes they sell, and by the business decisions they make. The boutique reuses fixtures, employs energy efficient lighting, uses minimal packing materials and supports local businesses and the green community.

The Boutique is located in Chicago, but the great news is they have an excellent shopping experience awaiting you online, so you can browse from home. I know i have my eye on the organic cotton and sustainable silk hoody by Turk+Taylor. For events, a list of designers and a blog, check out their website at pivotboutique.com

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  1. Wow, that is amazing! I love how even the store and how the business is managed is green! I hope other businesses catch on to this green movement. Hopefully Pivot Boutique will open a shop in Orlando and I will definitely tell my friends in Chicago about this place. Yay for sustainable stores and clothing!

    Thank you for the great post!

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