The Green GTL (Gym Tan Laundry) Bag by ‘The Situation’

Gym Tan LaundryThe Situation GTL
Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, made famous on MTV’s Jersey Shore reality television show, is now jumping into greener endeavors. Pairing up with Green Garmento to offer his own official limited edition version of the eco-friendly all-in-one reusable drycleaning and laundry bag.

Tote your dry cleaning to an eco-friendly CO2 dry cleaner in a sleek black or green GTL logo reusable garmemt bag. Cut down on your plastic bag usage and pick up some GTL style.

“There’s nothing sexy about plastic bags,” says Mike.

Sorrentino is fist pumping the estimated 300,000,000 pounds of drycleaning plastic that ends up in US landfills and waterways each year out of existence. Available for only $11.99, it could be one of the coolest and greenest things to come out of the Jersey Shore.

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