Future Standard Eco Shopping

Eco Shopping

A newcomer to the Eco shopping world, Future:Standard is all about ethical style. With well established and even some newcomer eco friendly designers such as Alex and Ani, and everything from recycled handbags to eco underwear.

“Future:Standard came about because I am looking forward to the day when clothing (and all of our products) does not need to be labeled ‘organic’, ‘sustainable’, ‘fair trade’, etc. That it is just assumed that it is all of these things, that it is the standard.”

Future StandardUsing the guideline of only buying from designers and manufacturers that have taken into account the planet and the people producing the item with a high value placed on the environmental and social impact.

Recycled Leather Handbag

In a world of imperfect products Future:Standard set their standards high. Each designer and brand brings something different to the table, from philanthropic business models to organic materials and fair trade certification.

Items that are selected must be transparent in their design, manufacturing and distribution processes.

“We look for brands that are doing what they can. We look for items products with a smaller footprint and a concern for the people behind the product. We ask each and every designer about their production processes. If it seems like the designer is working to become more sustainable and ethical, we will reward them by buying. We hope that traditional brands will begin to realize the value in creating ethical items.”

Eco Fashion Poncho

With a growing designer list and inventory Future:Standard may become the future shopping standard for those looking for eco friendly fashion.

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