Eco-Friendly Underwear

Eco-chic clothing is popping up everywhere from small designers to large established companies, but what about that often overlooked bit of clothing that you first put on in the morning- the one piece that you wear everyday (well, hopefully everyday otherwise I don’t want to hear about it!) It sits close to the skin usually, so wouldn’t you want it to be of the most natural, non-toxic material possible? We explore some of the eco-friendly underwear and intimates so you know what’s what.

c-in2 bamboo underwearDesigner: C-IN2
Material: Bamboo
Why they are Eco-Friendly: Bamboo is sustainable, biodegradable and produced without pesticides.
Why they are Cool: Very cool colors and cuts for men, and bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and a good option for those prone to skin allergies from chemical processing.
Cost: $20-$25

Enamore Organic Silk IntimatesDesigner: Enamore
Material: Organic silk and Soya jersey
Why they are Eco-Friendly: Enamore uses a minimum of 55 percent organic and recycled content and are colored using special Azo-free dyes.
Why they are Cool: These retro feel and romantic designs for women are both unique and eco-friendly.
Cost: $58-$110

Pact undergarmentsDesigner: Pact
Material: Organic Turkish Cotton
Why they are Eco-Friendly: Made from organic Turkish cotton, the production occurs 100 miles from the cotton farms reducing unneeded shipping. Packaging consists of a reusable cloth bag and compostable shipping bags.
Why they are Cool: Great colors and styles for men and women, plus 10% of Pact’s sales support one of 3 non-profits (826 National, ForestEthics and Oceana).
Cost: $22-$28 (mens and womens styles available)

greenknickers-underpantsDesigner: Green Knickers
Material: Hemp, Bamboo, Fair Trade and Organic Cotton
Why they are Eco-Friendly: Made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials like hemp/silk blends, bamboo and organic fair trade cotton.
Why they are Cool: Activity specific cuts for men and women, and some designs feature heat sensitive non-toxic dyes (remember Hyper-color shirts?)
Cost: £10-£25

chantelle bamboo braDesigner: Chantelle
Material: Bamboo blend
Why they are Eco-Friendly:Womens bras, boyshorts and thongs, all crafted from a sustainable bamboo blend jersey without pesticides, and are biodegradable.
Why they are Cool:French intimate apparel brand is well know for it’s quality and fit.
Cost: $42-$80

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  1. Don’t forget to wash your organic clothes in eco-friendly detergent. My new found favorite is soap nuts. Type it into google for more information.

    Soap nuts grow on trees and I use them to wash my clothes. They can go in the washing machine, dishwasher and some even say you can make a lovely shampoo out of them.

    They are also 100% sustainable and encourage tree planting. What could be better?

  2. Great lineup! Though its hard for me to want to stomach $20 for a pair of panties, I’m glad eco-friendly underwear is available.

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  7. This is not wearable underwear. I do not know what this is. I want real, comfortable underwear that I can wash and dry in dryer. Want it to cover and be over the navel area. This is not anything. There is a huge market out there , and we have no interest in looking like porn stars. We want real underwear. Too bad you and the companies like this are missing out on this market. I will go without before I wear something like this. And by the way, why do all the models have to look like this???? No one else does.

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