Solar Car Kits for Kids

A sample solar car concept

They say that the most opportune time to be educated about anything is during a person’s early childhood. The mind is still formative, and children tend to grasp concepts a lot faster. I know of several people myself, for example, who have tried to learn a second or third language. Most of them become proficient after a significant investment of time, but even than make certain common mistakes.

Conversely, people who begin learning additional languages as children tend to make a lot less mistakes common to later-learners and in addition, pick up the same languages much faster. Knowledge becomes more deeply rooted if it’s learned early, and bearing these facts in mind, one can also see why many professionals are able to trace their own passions as adults back to what they were brought up with.

With this in mind, it makes sense that the best way to instill green values in society would be to focus on the youth. That said, young kids won’t be too excited to read a dense non-fiction title on all the mistakes made by ourselves and our predecessors. They also wouldn’t be too keen on keeping up with environmental trends and gadgets. But few kids would shy away from being bought a new toy.

And a solar car kit would be the perfect toy. It beats the typical trucks kids play in the sand-box with, after all, it doesn’t require you to move it by hand. In addition to which, the child would actually be putting it together (with a parent’s assistance). It’s like a LEGO’s, only with a more real-world touch. Various companies sell solar car kits, which range in price from the really cheap. really small and impossible to put together to the higher-end unnecessarily lavish toys.

One company in particular that seems to be right in the middle, and also offers variety, is SunWind Solar Industries, Inc. Their catalog offers several different models, such as their simplest basic solar car kit, as well as their SolarDrive II, which even includes a battery holder and allows for a lot more creativity. Whatever company or model you select though, this project and others like it go a long way towards introducing important concepts to the kids who will go on to be our succeeding generation

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