Release, React, Recycle

This is awesome!

There are many ways to alleviate anger and frustration and many ways to recycle. Combine them and you get Glassphemy! I a new project in New York by the creative David Belt to encourage fun recycling. Glassphemy! Is a 20ft by 30ft clear box with high walls of bulletproof glass in Brooklyn. At one end of the box, people stand and throw glass bottles at people on the other side. Guests can aim at their friends for a little extra fun, and even a way to get rid of aggression! This is a great example of repurposing!

“Recycling’s so boring,” said Belt “We tried to make it a little bit more exciting.” Last summer David Belt created another fun recycling project – the dumpster pool! Belt transformed an industrial lot into a lo-fi country club with cabanas, barbecues, photo shoots, and dumpster swimming for under $1000. He is a real estate developer and the president of Macro-Sea. Macro-sea launches innovative projects which encourages community involvement in really interesting ways. The company is even planning strip malls that include their dumpster swimming pools.

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Glassphemy! will officially open on May 20th and features glass bottles donated by neighboring bars. As the bottles break against the walls in the installation, shards fall and are collected below it. These shards will be collected and recycled. The walls also have sensors which detect when a bottle shatters, and lights flash with it along with lively music. The exhibit will not be open to the public, but Macro-Sea invites people to send recycling ideas to their website which may earn them an invitation. Also, ReadyMade magazine is holding a contest and asking readers for their best ideas on how to further recycle the shards. Macro Sea will then make the recycled glass into the winning design.

Glassphemy! is definitely reminding people how and where to recycle if they ever have questions!  Now we just need something like this in Seattle.

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  1. hmm.. I wonder what the shards can be recycled into.. I hear separated glass (in colors) is better for recycling, here in Slovenia it’s collected together, and I wonder what happens with it too..
    I heard they used to make glass wool for insulation out of it, and as due to crisis in building industry the demand for it fell, they were wondering what to do with the glass. Would be interesting to know what they’ll do with it over there!

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