The Fastest Car in the World – and its Green!

Wrightspeed X1 Electric Supercar

Wrightspeed X1 Electric Supercar

It’s faster than a jet, can out handle a roller coaster, and it is environmentally friendly. How, you ask? Starting with only the most exciting super car to drive EVER, the Atom, then adding an electric motor. What you have then is a beautifully designed engineering masterpiece, the Wrightspeed X1. With its minimalist design, consisting of merely a frame to hold everything in place, 3 pedals, a steering wheel and a seat, its more like a stripped down motorcycle with 4 wheels than it is a car. Its basically a street legal go cart. But what does that do for it? It makes it incredibly light! Pair that with an AC Propulsion 3-phase AC induction motor and inverter, and you have rocket-like propulsion from the on-demand torque.

Unfortunately, there are no plans to make this particular design a production vehicle, heck, its hard enough just to get a regular Atom, but they do hint that there will be a production version of the X1. I’m not sure what that means, but i’m still interested.

For those who like specs, check out these numbers:

In recent track testing, on street tires, it achieved the following performance:
0-30 mph: 1.35 sec
0-60 mph: 3.07 sec in 117 ft
0-100 mph: 6.87 sec
0-100-0 mph 11.2 sec
Lateral g: 1.3
Braking g: 1.2

Hopefully high performance automobiles like this will strike a nerve with car enthusiasts, sparking a bigger desire to own a car ‘just like the ones on TV’. In a way, its already working.

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