A Green New Year – The Eco-Friendly LED Times Square Ball

Last year the Times Square ball underwent a green renovation, replacing the old incandecent lightbulbs with 32,256 Philips Luxeon Rebel energy efficient LEDs. Not only does this allow for a greater savings in energy, it also provides countless patterns using 10 million different colors refracted through 2,668 Waterford Crystal panels. The ball also received an upgrade giving it 20% greater efficiency making it the greenest its ever been using the same amount of energy that would be used from two household ovens.

Reminiscent of The Green Microgym, this year features a eco-frienldy renewable people-powered 2009 sign. Revelers can already pedal on bicycles in Duracell’s Times Square “power lodge” to generate energy for the sign.

While not the best display of energy savings, it is a great innovative way to get people excited and spread the word about new green technologies.

[via inhabit]

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