Jobs and the Green MBA

green mbasDoes having a Green MBA help when it comes to finding a job? The answer is, it depends.

Different industries value a Sustainable or Green MBA over a traditional MBA, and it can even come down to those doing the hiring. More and more hiring managers and executives are recognizing the benefits of sustainability of business, and are looking to hire these cutting edge graduates. Jobs are opening up in the alternative energy industries (solar, wind and more) as well as the green building industry with LEED certified and EPA class buildings.

Green Jobs are competitive, but having a green MBA greatly increases your chances and distinguishes you from the crowd. With more and more companies looking to improve their environmental image, they need business experts with a knowledge in sustainability. Even the trends from top business schools such as Yale’s school of managment and Johnson School at Cornell University as well as online programs from Walden University and Alliant International University are moving towards sustainability.

If you are thinking about returning to graduate school for an business degree or MBA, consider looking at a Green MBA – it may help your chances in the future to capture a job in the growing field of sustainability in business.

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  1. Also check out the original GreenMBA at Dominican University of California, providing graduate education in sustainability since 2000. The GreenMBA offers an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise, as well as a certificate program in Sustainable Practices.

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