Top 5 Must Have iPhone Eco Friendly Apps

Smart phones today have enabled you to have a green resource right in your pocket. Several non-profits and green companies have taken advantage of this by creating apps for the iphone to keep you informed, eco minded and living green. If you have an Android enabled phone, check out our Top 5 Must Have Android Eco Friendly Apps.

  • Seafood WatchSeafood Watch App from the Monterey Bay Aquarium
    A staple for me since I enjoy fish and sushi, I have been printing out the card for years. Now you can have up to date information about your best health and eco-friendly fish options right on your phone. Great for restaurants or for picking up some fish at the market, get detailed information about the fish, fishery status and great alternatives.
    New feature allows you to pinpoint sustainable seafood restaurants and markets and share them with others.

  • 3rdWhale Find Green appFind Green App from 3rdWhale
    An awesome multi-purpose app providing you information on green businesses near you. From organic restaurants, farmers markets, yoga studios and bicycle shops, this app will tell you how far they are and how to get there. Included are eco friendly green living tips, reviews and more. Not a stranger to this app, I reviewed it earlier last year when it was called the Green Business Finder app.
    3rdWhale is worth a visit as they have developed great mobile apps for Greenpeace and and other non-profits.

  • The Good Guide iphone AppThe Good Guide
    An awesome app for shopping giving you an instant rating based on Health, Environment and Social Responsibility. Just scan the items barcode using your iphones camera. Currently covering information on over 65,000 personal care and household chemical products, and soon expanding to include food, toys, electronics, and more.
    Good Guide was founded by Dara O’Rourke, a professor of environmental and labor policy at the University of California at Berkeley. Ratings are based on research of the world’s leading academic experts on global supply chains – tracking product life cycles from resource extraction into manufacturing, through consumer use to disposal.

    The Good Guide iPhone Mobile App

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  • locavore eco iphone appLocavore
    Shows you what produce is in season by state and locality so you can find local fruits and vegetables that are fresh and have a lower transport carbon footprint. Also allows you to find specific details about foods (how to determine if the produce is ripe) and even farmers markets in your area.

  • EcoFinder

  • EcoFinder and iRecycle from Earth 911
    Helps you with the somewhat confusing task of recycling. Lets you know what you can recycle, from motor oil, cellphones and batteries, and where you can take it to be safely recycled. Beyond that, they provide you with tips and local green events and happenings.

    For those living in the San Francisco Bay Area, you may find EcoFinder to be more helpful around town for your neighborhood.

Find some more great mobile applications from our last article on great green iphone apps.

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