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The Equology Series of recycled paper planners from Quo Vadis

As you organize your homes during Spring cleaning make sure to think of organizing your everyday events as well. A personal planner is the perfect way to decrease the quantities of sticky notes around your desk, and manage information about your upcoming commitments in one vital place. Choosing the right planner, however, can be daunting. While trying to search for the perfect one for myself, I ran across planners made by Quo Vadis. They are extremely useful and chic, while also being environmentally friendly.

Quo Vadis works with the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) which is the largest forest certification program in the world. More than 6,000 companies have obtained forest certification through PEFC standards, and they also offer tens of thousands of PEFC-certified products globally. Forests certified by PEFC are bio-diverse, socially beneficial, and based on the sustainability of present and future generations. To learn more about how PEFC is teaching forest owners, companies and consumers how to manage, produce and buy responsibly, visit the the PEFC website.

Quo Vadis agendas are known for their smooth and crisp Clairefontaine paper pages made from the pulp and wood which comes from forests that are certified only by PEFC. The paper is also chlorine-free and bio-whitened to create very white pages so writing is easily viewed. Quo Vadis also features the Equology Series of recycled paper planners for an added environmental option to their line of green agendas. Paper in these planners contains 100% post-consumer fiber, is certified EcoLogo, Forest Stewardship Council recycled and manufactured using bio-gas energy. This bio-gas energy supplies the mill with 80% of its own energy needs.

The Clairefontaine paper mill is currently the only plant producing paper for its own products which maintains the PEFC certified standards throughout the entire manufacturing process. The company also subscribes to the 10 U.N. Global Compact Principals. The water used in the paper production process is recycled and cleaned so that people can fish and swim downstream from the mill. The water returns to the river actually cleaner than when it entered the plant. A main reason for this is their use of calcium carbonate to bio-whiten their pages instead of using chlorine bleach or chemical whiteners. Any waste from the paper treatment plant is then converted into agricultural compost.

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So which type of planner is right for you? Quo Vadis offers many styles and sizes, each with a colorful array of covers. You can find your perfect planner at

Weekly planners
Planning Diaries – One week featured on two pages in the planner. Includes daily time breakdown as well as a place for notes, emails, faxes, phone numbers and a to-do list.
Planners with Notes – Weekly appointments on the left side of a page and notes on the right. A large writing space is the perfect spot to jot down lists, ideas and important things to remember.
Open Format – One week on two pages in the planner with lined open space for notes under each day. Perfect for daily to-do lists and listing priorities.

Daily Planners – One day on each page of the planner – Line breakdown hourly and enough space for important information about the day.

Monthly Planners – An entire month on two pages of the planner – contains daily boxes to record important events for the month to view at a single glance.

So, like the planner type you picked out? Good choice. Quo Vadis planners have covers made from sturdy material which is saddle sewn. Their sewing makes them strong and flexible so they easily lay flat when open, which makes it easy to write on as well as refer to when checking your schedule. These covers are also refillable so the same cover can be used year after year and you don’t have to purchase a brand new planner. Quo Vadis agendas are the perfect organizing tool for a busy Spring schedule, and are an easy way to be green everyday.

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