Water Saving Shower Heads by Oxygenics

Water Saving Shower HeadI am sure everyone has been frustrated with water saving shower heads at one time or another. You know, the ones you struggle just to get wet under, or just feel like a mist, leaving you longing for the full stream water wasters that your drain couldn’t keep up with. Luckily those days are over and good engineering has resulted in some great water saving shower heads that feel like a downpour.

Now to those who are still using traditional shower heads, you are really leaving a lot of money on the table for a very minimal experience difference. We aren’t just talking about the cost of wasting water, the real expense can also come from the cost of heating all that extra water. Just replacing one shower head can save you more than $70 per year in water and heating costs alone!

Oxygenics were kind enough to send me their PowerMassage Shower System to see how far water saving technology has come. Not only do they look great and use only 1.75 gallons per minute, they also have several different massage and spray configurations which are sure to please everyone.

I am a rain fan myself, and this setting provides great coverage with the feel of a lot more water (I was quite surprised to see how little water was actually running down the drain). It really is a no brainier at this point to have water saving shower heads because now the only thing you have to sacrifice is that big energy bill.

rain shower heads

With the recent outreach of Water Awareness Day, hopefully we are all a bit more mindful of our water situation and the little ways we can help reduce our waste of this precious resource.

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  1. Low-output shower-heads are a must-have. Imagine throwing away all that clean water ergo throwing away money. Only an insane person would do that. I got a great water-saving shower head a while back (I forgot the brand though, too lazy to check, lol) and it really cut down on my utilities bills. I had the habit of taking Navy showers ever since, so adding these shower heads to the mix saved me even more money. Cheers!

    Juan Miguel Ruiz

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