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Auto Learning ThermostatEver taken a good look at your heating or cooling bill and wanted to do something about it? Well, even if you have and bought a smart programmable thermostat, you may be spending more than without one.

A recent study by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory found that “as many as 50 percent of residential programmable thermostats are in permanent ‘hold’ status.” Even the the governments Energy Star program removed their endorsement from all programmable thermostats primary because people don’t have the time or patience to program them properly, and the thermostat controls half of the homes energy bill. That is a lot of power for a device that effectively works no better than your sprinkler system.

Enter the NEST Learning Thermostat, the brain child of Tony Fadell, the iPod hardware designer and former iPod and iPhone division VP for Apple, after trying to decide on a thermostat for his new green home in Tahoe. A complete departure from anything you find on the market today, it is an iPod in a world of cassette walk-mans.

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energy efficiency

It takes cues from a classic iconic thermostat design, but that’s about all that is in common. Innovations in every feature, from unit energy use, accuracy, WiFi, connectivity, and intuitiveness.

Why it’s so revolutionary:

  • It programs itself based on the temperatures you set.
  • It learns your schedule and automatically adjusts, refining over time.
  • It saves energy by sensing when you aren’t home and reducing consumption.
  • It keeps track so you can check your energy history and see your savings.
  • It connects to WiFi, so you can adjust from your smartphone, laptop, tablet and more.
  • It is easy, easy to install, program and adjust.
  • It is pretty, have you seen it?!

Available in November 2011, you can pre-order it from BestBuy or at

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