Green Festival Seattle 2010

My favorite thing about eco-friendly products and green living is that there are so many expos, conferences, and events that provide fun and easy ways to learn more about green companies. I was really excited when I saw a flier for the 2010 Seattle Green Festival and just completed my registration to volunteer for the event. Green Festival also takes place in San Francisco, Chicago, and Washington DC and struck gold when it was here last year.

The festival is a joint project by Global Exchange which aims to create green economies that embrace diversity and Green America which promotes economic power and sustainability around America. The festival is Saturday and Sunday, June 5th and 6th. Saturday from 10am to 7pm and Sunday from 11am to 6pm at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center.

The festival features many exhibitors, speakers and interactive events for a great weekend of learning and fun! There is an eco-chic fashion show presented by Hi-Def Creations Inc., Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn will attend, a Do-It-Yourself zone and a Green Kids’ Zone, a Music, Arts & Culture room and many more exciting eco-friendly adventures. Leading up to the festival weekend (May 26th-June 6th) is Green Week which features city-wide events such as free movies and lectures in order to learn more about Seattle’s green movement!
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Here is a list of just a few exhibitors featured during the Seattle Green Festival 2010.

Better World Club – The nations only environmental friendly auto club which includes eco-travel services and discounts on hybrid car rentals!

FROGBOX – FROGBOX creates eco-friendly, plastic reusable moving boxes.

Greenwood Heating – Provides energy efficient heating and cooling products.

New Image Coatings, LLC – New Image Coatings creates Seal-Once, an eco-friendly water proofer for wood which protects against UV damage, mildew and mold.

bgreen by Nature, USA – Certified organic cotton garments in fun and colorful prints.

Cedar Grove Composting – Still the great cups I see everywhere– Cedar Grove creates Earth-Friendly compost, biodegradable cups, compostable serving utensils, and much much more.

If you are looking forward to this festival, weekend passes are only $10 if you buy online and $15 at the event. There are also many options for free tickets available at certain Verizon Wireless stores and if you are a student with college ID, youth under 18, a Green Festival Volunteer, Green America member, or a Global exchange member.  A special treat for bicyclists; if you ride your bike to the festival, there is free valet bike parking as well as $5 off registration!  Take advantage of this great opportunity in Seattle to learn about green living and participate in Seattle turning over a green leaf. Let us know if you plan to attend, or come visit me Sunday morning at the box office!

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  1. PETA will also have an exhibit there, detailing how a person could take 6 months worth of showers with the amount of water used to make 1 pound of meat.

    And there will be a panel discussion about Bhutan’s concept of “Gross National Happiness” and how it could be applied in Seattle.

    Promises to be a very enlightening weekend.


  2. Was there today and talked to a guy on the way out who was handing out information about the fact that the ADA guidelines require that the US gov’t basically put a piece of plastic on every corner of America. These pieces then only last for a couple of years, photodegrade and become out of compliance, they’re then thrown in landfill and replaced by another piece of plastic. Check this out

  3. Very interesting article and blog, thank you for sharing. I hope the petition will encourage more Departments of Transportation to use reinforced concrete tiles instead of the current composite detectable warnings.

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  6. The Green Festival sounds very intriguing, we’ll have to try to make it to the 2011 Seattle Green Festival. With green heating demand increasing so much this sounds like a great opportunity.

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