Glenwood Garden Specialty Food Market

Specialty Artisan FoodThe other day I received a wonderful gift box from Glenwood Garden, a social issue focused market carrying local handmade and sustainably produced foods. Kind of like a modern and sustainable alternative to the Hickory Farms style gift baskets, except with small specialty produced artisan foods and goods.

Greenwood Garden Artisan Food Market

My gift box was a delightful collection of California and Bay Area produced pickled olives, mustards, biscotti, tea, spices, and cookies. Perfect for a thank-you basket, welcome gift, or unique specialty shopping, Glenwood Garden items are unique and delicious.

Glenwood Garden California Artisan Food Gift Box

  • Taste of California Spice Blend by Gustus Vitae
  • Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies by Keep it Real
  • Tarragon Dijon Mustard by Clif Family Winery
  • Lemon Citrus Olives by Olivos Del Mar
  • Rosemary Pistachio Biscotti by Saint & Olive
  • Pure Lemongrass Tea by Global Teas

I especially enjoyed the unique flavors of the Saint & Olive apricot, rosemary and pistachio biscotti, wonderfully unexpected and delicious; along with the low glycemic (but extremely appetizing) peanut butter cookies from Keep It Real Food Co. You really can’t go wrong!

With their Shopping for A Cause page, you can donate 25% to 50% of profits from your purchases to participating non profits of your choice, including Earth Share and various food banks. A great social entrepreneurial company with a great mission for good- with amazing food!

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