Don’t Recycle Soda and Sparkling Water Bottles

sparkling water recycleAs you may have guessed from previous posts about eco plastic bottled water and soda bottle reuse, I’m not a big fan of these ubiquitous containers. With the average American consuming over 600 cans or bottles of soda and sparkling water each year, think of the environmental impact of reducing just a fraction of that.

Enter the perfect replacements – reusable containers paired with water filters and CO2 infusers! I am almost overwhelmed at the reasons why these are such great devices, here are just a few:

  • Huge reduction of ‘disposable’ glass bottles, plastic bottles and cans
  • Reduction in indirect transport-related emissions (from moving all those very heavy, liquid filled containers)
  • Make your own sparkling mineral water and soda (without High Fructose Corn Syrup)
  • unlimited flavor combination’s
  • no more ‘flat’ drinks wasted or thrown away- just recharge them
  • it’s cheaper!


soda club pure CO2 waterSeveral soda maker options are available with the most popular being the soda stream by Soda-Club and iSi.

Other than the CO2 chargers, there are no more ‘disposable’ glass, plastic bottles or cans to worry about (the first and best of the 3R’s, Reduce). I myself have made killer sparkling limeade sodas out of only fresh limes and good old raw cane sugar that I would have never been able to find at the grocery store. You can make sparkling fruit juice for the kids, italian sodas, fountain sodas, all natural soda, and more.

Just think of how gourmet you can be with a (reused wine or glass) bottle of chilled sparkling water at the table for every meal. Well, maybe not every meal- but you get the idea.

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