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This seems to be the month of Eco-Jewelry here on The Chic Ecologist, probably because there is so much great stuff out there.

I recently received a note from Jessica over at Verre New York, a glass jewelry design team that attaches liquid glass to metal pieces for a beautiful effect.

Their abstract collections evoke all things natural, I personally see rain drops, molecules, dew and amber. The quintessential modern material, glass can be modeled into so many forms, colors and textures – and can be easily recycled. Each piece is handmade by the designers, reflecting both their style, creativity and mastery of this art form. Even the packaging is creatively inspired: bottles, petri dishes, and test tubes, as if each was brought into the world by biologists.

glass ringsglass bracelets

Their glass jewelry collection includes glass earrings, glass bracelets, glass necklaces and even glass rings that must be seen. In the words of the designer:

“Glass seemed like the perfect substance to meld with metal and save her from the mediocrity of traditional jewelry.”

Sounds inspired. 10% of each sale is also donated to various charities. Visit their charity page to see which ones are supported.

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  1. Hello,

    I am looking to sell a large and authentic collection of Murano glass Venetian beads.
    Made in the 1980’s, the collection exists as follows:

    – 16,300 hand shaped glass leaves, hearts, twists, cylinders, cubes, etc, in various colors and sizes

    – 860 mouth blown 16 mm in white, grey, amethyst and blue

    – 4,950 handmade decorated glass beads from Ercole Moretti

    – 108,000 7 mm in colors to coordinate with above including hematite and topaz

    I’m happy to send on pictures or samples.

    Thank you,

    Jonathan S Rabunski
    1 914 309 8812

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