Fashionable Outerwear (with function)

With winter looming and fashion giant Vogue recently buying outdoor outfitter The North Face, clothing retailers have turned their eye to looking good in the outdoors. Its no longer just about function, just check out your local supermarket or ski slopes. With so many brands to choose from, how do you choose which brand to outfit your next excursion? Well if you want functional, stylish outdoor clothing without checking your eco-consciousness at the door, then Patagonia is your brand.

A leader in developing new products and manufacturing processes that lower the impact on the environment, it would only make sense to protect the very thing you are outfitting people to explore. They became famous for being the first outdoor clothing manufacturer to integrate PCR clothing into their product line, a technique for creating fleece from post consumer recycled plastic soda bottles. Since then, they have further expanded recycled materials into their line and now even recycle used garments (of any brand) into new ones. Taking advantage of more eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics such as hemp, recycled polyester, organic cotton and wool, you are sure to find the perfect green material for your style.

Everything we do pollutes or taxes the Earth in some way. It’s a sad and inescapable fact. But there are things we can do as individuals and businesses to lighten our impact on the environment, such as buying and throwing away less, reusing products whenever possible, and recycling everything we can.

-Excerpt from the Patagonia website

Let’s not forget what these clothes were developed for either. Whether you are exploring Mount Everest or your local mall, these garments are sure to perform, and with style. Using the latest developments in technology, and tested under the strictest of conditions, you are sure to stay warm and dry.

l can go on and on about how green this company is, but why don’t you have a look for yourself? There is plenty to explore on their website including well designed functional equipment for just about every sport, even surfing! Reduce the impact on the places you love to explore, and do it in style.

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