300 Green Living Posts!

We are celebrating Earth Day weekend with our 300th Post!

Here are some of our most popular and favorite posts over the last few years since The Chic Ecologist began, everything from green fashion, green services to green perspectives. Enjoy!

gardening in potsContainer Gardening
Cut down on Global Warming and eat fresh. No matter your space, containers make it possible to grow a garden just about anywhere, and you will be amazed at how it can impact the environment and your health.

biodegradableHow Long to Biodegrade?
Common trash items and how long they stick around. From composting to landfills, you may be surprised at how long trash sticks around before turning into dirt.

green funerals
Green Burials and Funeral Services

Staring to gain a foothold, green burials and funerals are increasingly becoming more popular leaving the chemicals out and impacts low. Leave a legacy on the earth with your death, not an impact.

too cool for greenGreen Attitude
Re-thinking green ideals. What kind of ideals do we want to instill in our children and how do we (the green community) want to be perceived?

green tamponsGreen Feminine Products
Tampons plot to destroy the world! What kind of impact does feminine hygiene have on the environment? Hint: A lot!

eco-friendly wooden rings
Wood Rings
Jewelry that is naturally beautiful and eco-friendly. Transforming existing wooden treasures into beautiful sentimental jewelry pieces.

eco-friendly countertopsRecycled Glass Countertops
Beautiful and better than glass recycling. Exceptional performing and beautiful counters which incorporate an energy efficient re-use of glasswares.

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