Top 7 Green Gadgets and Innovations of 2011

2011 has been a great year for green innovations and products and we here at The Chic Ecologist would like to share some of our favorites. This years list includes green electronics, biodegradable stickers and eco-friendly designs all which present innovative solutions to simple environmental problems. You can also find last year’s most popular posts of 2010 for comparison.

Fruit Wash Labels

Wash Fruit Sticker

A familiar sticker found on fruits and vegetables abound, with a twist. This one will dissolve into a biodegradable fruit wash to clean away pesticides, fertilizer and other gross stuff you may find on fruit. Read More…

Intelligent Learning Thermostat

Auto Learning Thermostat

A thing of beauty as much for it’s energy savings as for its design, the NEST thermostat is an rethought and redesign of the prevalent household energy brain. Read More…

Do It Yourself Home Cold and Flu Remedies

Natural flu relief

With the cold and flu season not yet passed, I thought it fitting showcase the wonderful benefits of nature in easing symptoms with common cold and the flu. Simple and easy to find ingredients available at any grocery store to ease your pains. Read More…

Sustainable Sushi

Mashiko Sustainable Sushi Restaurant

You may be shocked to find that most sushi is made from unsustainable and threatened fish, but there are some sushi chefs reshaping the way we look at this delicious food. By harvesting local and sustainable fish, Hajime Sato, the head chef and co-owner of Mashiko Sushi restaurant in Seattle, Washington has pioneered a new diverse menu rotating based on seasonality and availability of sustainable fish. Read More…

Seafood Watch Android and iPhone Mobile App

Seafood Watch

While on the topic of sustainable fish, the Seafood Watch mobile app is by far one of my favorite items of 2011 by its usefulness and convenience. Since it self-updates, you will always have the most up to date information on the sustainability of menu and grocery fish. Read More…

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The Green MBA

green mbas

Becoming even more popular in 2011, the Green MBA and Sustainable Masters Degrees in Business are spreading to colleges and universities around the world. As green jobs require a new view of ethics and profits, these degrees are gaining traction with students as well. Read More…

Walking Tours

Northern California Walking Tours

Nothing like a new trip for the new year, why not a walk through beautiful coastal California scenery. This form of vacationing (or ‘holiday’) is popular in Europe and is now making its way to our shores. Walking vacations allow you to see the coast in a leisurely manner, escaping from the hustle and bustle of traditional vacations. Read More…

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  1. Fascinating! I particularly love the sustainable sushi especially because restaurants should really be considering the season of the dishes that they serve. I also like the idea of the washable label.

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