Solar Powered Trash Can – Big Belly Solar Compactor

Solar powered trash compactor

Solar powered trash compactor

I always get excited to see well designed green ideas come to fruition, and the solar powered trash compactor is one of them. You can actually see these on the streets of Boston, MA and Palm Springs, CA.

This isn’t just some solar powered gimmick, it actually has a function which furthers its eco impact. The solar panel charges a 12 volt battery which runs the 40watt compactor. This allows for greater storage and less pickups by guys in big diesel garbage trucks.

Big Belly Solar PanelThe sun powered trashcans are made by Big Belly Solar, which also makes recycling units and even a low energy use indoor unit.

With a capacity five times greater than that of an ordinary trash receptacle, the increased capacity reduces collection trips and can cut fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions by 80%. A great use of technology if you ask me.

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